What We Do

Wallkill Group, Inc. provides several services that are tailored specifically to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for general contracting, construction management, value engineering or simply some insight, we are here to do the dirty work for you.

Value Engineering

Being an integral component of the design stage, value engineering has a tremendous effect for developers. Each and every project has its own unique owner and budget. One of Wallkill Group, Inc.’s strengths is working closely with the design team and identifying critical components within a project. We take great care in helping to make economic choices without compromising the original vision.  With over 60 years of combined experience, Wallkill Group, Inc. will work with you and your design team to deliver the most value for your project.

Construction Management

As a construction management firm, Wallkill Group, Inc. specializes in overseeing the planning, coordination and construction from conception to completion. To assist an owner looking to develop a project, we will investigate and decipher all of the front end information and requirements to get their process started. With our knowledge, experience and already formed relationships, we seamlessly source civil and structural engineers and architects and work with local township in determining necessary requirements to get their project off the ground.  Wallkill Group, Inc., works with any type of contract that is chosen whether it be lump sum pricing, cost plus or guaranteed maximum pricing.

School entrance hallway
Warwick Valley Central School District media center renovation and TV studio

General Contracting

Wallkill Group, Inc.’s extensive resume and past performance speaks volumes to our level of care and performance. As a general contractor, we provide seamless communication between architect, owner and subcontractors. We have a vast network of suppliers, and vendors who are experts in their trade and work together to bring your design to fruition. Our primary role is to coordinate and collaborate with all parties while mitigating risk with the owners best interest in mind.